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Hi Twerk Family,

My name is Taleah and WELCOME HOME!

Just a little background about myself, I am a 23 year old Senior at University of Central Florida, striving for my degree in Health Sciences. When I am not at school, I am shaking it up with you all. I have been teaching classes for about two years now and I have taught other genres of dance but Twerk is my home. I have been dancing since I can remember. I self taught myself everything I know. From watching all my idols (Beyonce, Ciara, Twerk Team etc), learning all my techniques and different dances from Youtube and just applying myself. 

Thanks for joining us at the Twerk'd Out Experience! Welcome to the family.

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Looking to host a private party for birthdays and bachelorettes? Book your private Twerk'd Out 101 Sessions today! Please send me a detailed email with all inquiries.  If any further questions,  please give me a call.

Tel: 561-876-9707

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